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Internet Resident is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of a diverse range of individuals on the web, including end users and web developers. Our aim is to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements. As an all-in-one online destination, Internet Resident specializes in hosting and development services. Our packages are carefully crafted to cater to different user groups rather than focusing solely on technical specifications. We prioritize flexibility over rigid requirements.

For developers, we offer CPanel, a comprehensive control panel that empowers them to manage their web projects effectively. DIY enthusiasts can take advantage of our user-friendly Content Management Systems. Additionally, our dedicated in-house team is always ready to address any queries you may have. If you simply need FTP details, we can accommodate that too. At Internet Resident, we firmly believe in providing exceptional service and treating each client as a unique individual.

Feel free to reach out to us using the contact details provided on our contact page to discuss your specific requirements. Whether you already have a clear idea of what you need and want to place an order, or if you require further assistance, we are here to help.

In addition to being a web development store, our expertise extends beyond that. We have a team of skilled graphic designers, programmers, and professionals experienced in various computer-related fields. So, regardless of your project’s nature, we have the capabilities to assist you.


Web Hosting Pricing

This allows for those clients who arn’t really using the server.
IE The using a mial client such as gMail to host their email and a CMS such as
WordPress to host their website, but 
require a domain name and forwarding options.

Basic Hosting covers our clients
who have a few small requirements.
Typically this is for clients who wish to
host a landing page and have a
small email accounts text in the module Advanced settings.

If you a web
developer, you get your own CPanel.
If you are an end user and just
need ftp details etc. No problem
we have the support and years of
experience to set you up correctly.


Web Development Pricing

12 + 3 =