Internet Resident loves interactive technology and solving those problems that require thinking outside of the box.

The ARN Cash Drop for KIIS 1065

While I cannot reveal all our secretes I can let you know that it consisted of:

    • A television display with Video and Audio
    • Pressure activation component 
    • Radio on/off
    • Confetti cannon
    • Counter that displayed on at the actual site
    • Counter that displayed on the KIIS website
    • Cashball drop (Which dropped multiple prizes including a 5K 10 K and 20K cash prize)
    • Random sequencing


It ran over a 3 weeks with over 10 000 participants.


The Surry Hills Community Center and Library on Crown St

This magnificent building consists of a number of louvres which open and close. Internet Resident Implemented a system that placed all the louvres at designated positions. The system included:

  • Different positions every 30 minutes during office hours
  • Automatic adjustment for daylight savings
  • Different sequencing for different seasons
  • A close and open sequence for both the top and bottom sets
  • A resume sequence after opening or closing at any time of the day
  • Safety features preventing overdrive
  • Driver software to move the motors
  • Push button controls for simple operation



The KIIS Haunted House at the Easter Show

The Haunted House is truely terrifying and Internet Resident played a small part in the experience. 
Participants would be scared by monster shouting at them through a window, the participants reaction was recorded spliced with a promotional intro and transmitted to a server.
The ARN Team collected particapents Name and Email and sent them a link to their content which they could share on Instagram or Facebook and be automatically entered into a 10K competition.

Here's Jackie O getting captured